Latest Update – 17 March 2020 Earlier this evening the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade also issued a new general update, recommending that Australians who are currently overseas and wish to return should do so by commercial means as soon as possible. “As more countries close their borders or introduce travel restrictions, overseas travel…


Tips to staying healthy when flying

Pre-travel medical examinations It is recommended that international passengers seek a pre-travel medical examination and advice on vaccinations, safety precautions and information on the current situation at the destination, before and for the duration of the trip. Whilst traveling Air travel may have physical or psychological effects: stress, abdominal distension, ear pain, sinus congestion, leg…


Lipica Horse Stud Farm, Slovenia

Lipica is a village in the Littoral region of Slovenia, close to the border with Italy Slovenia’s Karst region and it is known for the Lipica Stud Farm, the origin of the Lipizzan horse. The Lipizzan breed as known today was fully developed in the time of Maria Theresa of Austria, whose husband was greatly interested in horse-breeding. During the Napoleonic wars and after an earthquake the…


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