Frequently Asked Questions about Riding Holidays

I would love to go on a riding holiday but I have no one to travel with.  Will I be on my own?

Most of our holidays are perfect for the lone traveller. We can arrange for you to be collected at the airport and you will almost certainly be riding with like-minded people. There are holidays that do not implement single supplements. Your hosts will make you very welcome and you will certainly make new friends.

I have never been on a riding holiday before.  How will I cope?

We have holidays available for less experienced riders and we have some available for those who have never ridden before. We can talk to you about your worries and your abilities and find the right destination for you. You may enjoy your trip more if you have a few lessons before you go but we will be able to advise you and discuss your needs so we can give you all the help you will need.

I ride frequently but my partner doesn’t.  Can you offer a holiday to suit both our requirements?

We have destinations that cater for riders and non-riders. Some of which whilst offering alternative activities for non-riders also offer them the chance to ‘have a go’ should they wish.

Is a riding holiday expensive?

A riding holiday is a fantastic experience but does not have to be expensive. As your main activity is included in the price you will find that you will not be paying for many extras. Many rides are inclusive of food, accommodation and even drinks making your holiday no more expensive than an average package holiday. Possibly even cheaper! Our rides are competitively priced as commission is not added onto your holiday and you are paying the same price as if you booked direct but with the added bonus of knowing the holiday has been tried and tested by us and the stress of booking arrangements has been handled by experts.

I have got special dietary requirements.  Can these be catered for? 

Yes, most dietary requirements can be arranged.  Please give us plenty of notice.

What is included in the Price?

Many rides are all inclusive of riding, food, accommodation and drinks. We specify on each itinerary exactly what is and is not included. Sometimes transfers and gratuities are paid locally and sometimes the occasional meal on excursions but you will be informed of any extras before booking so there are no hidden surprises.

Does the price include flights?

No the price does not normally include flights on the riding holidays. We find that many of our clients like to continue travelling after their riding holiday and some have a preference in airline. We are, however, more than happy to help you arrange flights and offer competitive rates.

How do we pay for our holiday?
We ask for a deposit to secure the booking and this will be confirmed at the time. The balance is due 75 days before departure unless otherwise stated. If booking within that time then the whole payment is due at once. You have several payment options – by cheque, bank transfer, credit card which is subject to a credit card fee.

What currency will my holiday be charged in?

All rides will be charged and must be paid in Australian dollars.  As all the rides overseas are based on the local currency of the country we will convert to Australian dollars and will reconfirm the final cost at final payment in case there has been any currency fluctuation.

Is it cheaper to book the holiday direct?

No. The price is the same as if you booked direct with the ride.  We also pay for the cost of transferring the money in the correct currency and ensure that all the paperwork is in place. We can also provide you with impartial advice to ensure you are booking the right holiday to best suit your needs.

Can I be assured that the horse I ride will be suitable for me?

Before you reach booking, we take every step to ensure that the level of riding required and the temperament of the horses is made clear. Your riding experience details will have been forwarded to our operators well in advance so they are able to assess which of their horses may suit you. A test ride on arrival will ensure they have made a suitable choice and you feel happy and confident in the choice of mount. We are, of course, always happy to discuss any worries or specific requirements you may have.

Are the rides safe?

We personally ensure before sending any clients that the guides are experienced and safety is their prime concern. However, rides vary in pace, terrain and difficulty so it is essential that clients are accurate when they complete their ride experience forms to ensure safe choices can be made.   We give comprehensive details of the terrain, speed of the ride and the ability required for all our rides. We are very happy to discuss all safety aspects and we do, of course, recommend you wear a properly fitted hard hat which complies to relevant safety standards.

Will I be expected to groom and tack my own horse?

On many of the rides those wishing to take part in the grooming and tacking are more than welcome to do so. Some packages include instruction on horse care and how to tack up for those who would like to learn. Some centres prefer to leave this to their own grooms.

Will I be required to mount unaided?

For some rides it is preferable that riders are able to mount and dismount unaided as varying terrain sometimes requires you to dismount and walk beside your horse. In these instances, such requirements are stated in the ride itinerary pages. On the majority of rides help is available for both mounting and dismounting. However, should you have any condition making either mounting or dismounting difficult we advise that you discuss this with us so that we can make necessary arrangements to ensure that your needs are accommodated.

I don’t speak the language.  Will this be a problem?

No. All of our hosts and guides speak fluent English. Many are also fluent in other languages including Spanish, French, German and Italian. Should you have any queries regarding the languages spoken at your chosen destination please feel free to discuss this with us.

Please give us a call or send us an email if you have any other questions concerning your horse riding holiday.