Travel Insurance

​Travel insurance is one of the most important components of booking a holiday.  As the saying goes, “If you cannot afford travel insurance you cannot afford to travel.”

We recommend you sign up for travel insurance the moment you book and pay your deposit for your holiday.  That way you are immediately covered for unforeseen circumstances.  You will be covered for unused travel and accommodation in event you must cancel your trip due to an illness or a natural disaster etc.

If you do not have in insurance and something happens prior to taking insurance cover for example you have a fall and hurt your knee.  After the event this is classifies as pre-existing medical condition and the insurance may charge you more to now cover this medical condition.  If you had taken this out as soon as you had paid your deposit you would be covered in full and if you went on holiday and had to seek medical attention due to your knee you would also be covered as you took out the policy prior to your knee injury.

Travel insurance can cover you from financial losses caused by a wide range of events that can affect your trip, whether they occur before, during or even after your trip.  These might include cancellation or interruption. medical expenses, baggage damage or theft, and more.

For international journeys the Australian Government advises that travel insurance is as important as a passport, regardless of your destination.  Please check out this website for more information

Horse riding can be unpredictable at the best of times, so it’s ESSENTIAL to have a travel insurance policy that specifically covers horse riding as an activity.

Why international travel insurance is so important

Incidents that may easily be manageable in Australia can become expensive and difficult to negotiate when you are in another country.  Most insurance policies cover overseas medical and dental expenses, lost or stolen luggage, liability cover, accidental death or disability, and expenses if you incur a financial loss due to delays, cancellations or rescheduled arrangements.

Some travel insurers offer additional services, such as 24-hour medical emergency translation, which can make a huge difference to the quality of treatment you get while travelling.  Medical treatment in some countries can be exceptionally expensive and in some cases it can be difficult to be admitted to a hospital and receive treatment unless you are able to guarantee payment.  When you travel overseas, you are personally liable for covering your medical expenses.  It’s not uncommon for even a short stay in, for example, An American hospital to cost tens of thousands of dollars.

According to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), daily hospital costs in Southeast Asia regularly excess $800.00 and return of remains from Europe can cost in excess of $10,000.  The cost of medical evacuation from the United States regularly range from $75,000 to $95,000 and sometimes up to $300,000.  DFAT has also handled medical evacuations from Bali in which costs have exceed $60,000*.

Travellers who are not covered by insurance are personally liable for covering the medical and associated costs they incur overseas.

Budget Travel Insurance Policies

In other words you get what you pay for.  If you are comparing travel insurance policies always compare apples with apples.  The two most important things all insurance policies should cover are unlimited medical insurance and medical evacuation.  Sometimes you don’t know how good your insurance policy is until you have to make a claim.

Travel insurance that includes horse riding

Not all insurance policies include horse riding in their policies but we have some that we can offer, that will provide cover.  Travel insurance that does cover horse riding at time of writing (Does NOT include professional riding, horse racing, jumping or Polo) with their travel insurance policy.  Some insurance policies may cover jumping, so if you show jump at home on a regular basis, provided you are not a professional, and if you travel on a horse riding holiday that includes a few jumps you maybe covered.  Provided the jumps are of a similar height and standard to what you would normally jump at home. IT IS RECOMMENDED TO CHECK THE POLICY WORDING as many policies differ in coverage for horse riding and the policies can change their coverage from time to time. Speak to a Snaffle Travel consultant for guidance.

Snaffle Travel is an agent and we work with reputable insurance companies, which we have dealt with for many years.  Most of our travel insurers have an Australian call centre, so you won’t be talking to someone overseas.

If you have any questions regarding what is covered and what is not we can send you the PDF of some of our insurance policies.

Note: It is compulsory to have travel insurance on all group tours and horse riding holidays booked through Snaffle Travel.